• To prepare the students of this region transform into globally competent, trained,
    and skilled technocrats by exposing them to the latest trends of industry and technology;
    inculcate in them the traits to motivate the society and to raise the living standards of
    people by assimilating the innovations of research, thereby ensuring the technology-
    transfer to the grass root level, and guaranteeing the fruits of engineering and innovation
    reach underprivileged sections of the society..

1) To create technically qualified/skilled Diploma Engineers with Hardworking nature and social
commitment through career-oriented courses conducted by high profile faculties, complemented with fully equipped          laboratories.
2) To identify, based on an informed perception of needs of Industries/organizations in Andhra Pradesh, areas of                     requirements upon which the Polytechnic can concentrate.
3)  To develop human potential so that technically capable and imaginatively gifted supervisory
leaders can emerge in range of professions..

Professional Membership

  • ISTE Chapter

Most of the staff are members of ISTE. Faculty is attending FD programmes at

JNTU, Anantapur

  • Institution of Engineers (IEI)

Most of the staff members are in IEI as FIE or MIE or AMIE.